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Buying a Home with a 2% Deposit

On this educational webinar we show how single parents can access government supported 2% deposit home loans. Sign Up For Replay Here.
Yesim Sepek
CEO Finance 360°
Madhu Ramana
Chairman Global 360°
Loredana Mazzullo
Female Financial Empowerment Advocate

Webinar Outline

The Big Problem

Housing affordability and difficult saving for a traditional 10% or 20% deposit and getting stuck on the rental merry-go-round.

The New Big Opportunity

The new 2% deposit home loans currently available allowing single parents to buy a home with a small amount of savings (just a little bit more than the average tax return).

The Nuts and Bolts

We will walk through some examples of how this can work with building a new home, buying off the plan or buying a newly completed home/apartment. We will breakdown the numbers and final cash flow positions based on some typical scenarios.

The Big Picture for Financial Security

We will discuss the long-term benefits of home-ownership for financial security and as a stepping stone to property investment. We will also feature an inspirational female guest speaker, Loredana Mazzullo, who will talk about her journey to financial empowerment through real estate.